Education and training

Ph.D in Information Engineering (Telecommunication networks)

Italian class of the Ph.D program: ING-INF/03
Università degli Studi di Pisa (Università) , Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, I- 56127 Pisa
From Jan, 2012 to Apr, 2015,

The program aims to train new researchers in the field of electronics, information technology and telecommunications, ie in the cultural areas of scientific and technological acquisition, processing, transmission, storage and utilization of information. The need for such training arises on the one hand by the continuous increase in demand, well above the current availability of experts in the field of information technology, and on the other by the great development of research and applications in the areas of microelectronics, computer and telecommunication systems.
Acquired skills: training for scientific research in electronic engineering, computer science and telecommunications. In particular to the cultural, scientific and technological acquisition, processing, transmission, storage and utilization of the information.

Master degree in computer science technologies

Italian class of the Computer Science master degree: 23/S
Università degli Studi di Pisa (University), Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, I - 56127 Pisa
From Jan, 2001 to July, 2006, Final grade: 102/110

Major in programming and language technologies. The degree course has permitted to acquire high quality of scientific and technological competences for the information society; it provides a deep knowledge on the computer science scientific grounds and high competences on its related technologies permitting a subsequent both scientific and purely applicable research work. The training course covers all essential topics in the cultural baggage of a graduated of the sector with particular attention to the acquisition of advanced knowledge on the main arguments of high impact innovation. The scientific basis provide the conceptual instruments that allow you to fully identify and define indicators of quality of the proposed computational solutions as regard algorithmic efficiency, correctness and performance.
Acquired skills: high scientific and technological expertise for the information society; deep culture in the scientific foundations of information technology and related technologies allowing a subsequent research work both scientific and purely application. Advanced knowledge on the major specialized topics of great innovative impact; identification and definition of quality indicators of computational solutions in terms of algorithmic efficiency, accuracy and performance.

Degree in Computer Science

Italian class of the Computer Science degree: 26
Università degli Studi di Pisa (University), Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, 56127 Pisa
From Oct 1995 to Dec, 2001, Final grade: 100/110

The degree program can address all the society needs providing a cultural and scientific and technical preparation. The technical training in the understanding of information technology and its use in problem solving are integrated with a solid scientific training methodological base. The integration of technology with the scientific bases are the distinguishing features which permit understanding the technological evolution, interpret the contents, identify applications, expand and change the way to operate.
Acquired skills: tools to address all the needs of the information society through a both scientific and technical cultural preparation; scientific-methodological training base that allows to understand the technological evolution, to interpret the contents, to identify the applications, to expand and change the way they operate.

Diploma in business consultant and foreign language correspondent.

High school “S. M. Maddalena”, Scali Manzoni 43, I - 57100 Livorno
From Sept, 1990 to Jul, 1995, Final grade: 47/60

The diversification of the internal economic processes to the production system, and especially the development of the tertiary, require new professional qualifications. The course of study focus on the qualification of the linguistic area: in fact, the knowledge of two foreign languages, both in culture and in the business aspects, in addition to courses such as law and economics, make this qualifying address. The course of study focus on the qualification of the linguistic area both in culture and in the business field. The study of languages combined with teachings such as law and economics, make this a qualifying path.
Acquired skills: use of English and French; learning of the management processes of enterprises; ability to take care of a company from both an accounting administrative point of view, and from the administrative-organizational and commercial view; ability to support or replace the management of enterprises on the personnel management, on production, on sales; ability to carry out market research, studies on the costs and statistical systems. I also obtained the following certificates: business typing (final grade: 33/40), word processing(final grade: 44/50), knowledge of German (final grade: 85/100)